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To bind to the BURST Foxy-Pool just follow these steps:

  1. Open your BURST wallet and let it sync till it is on the current height.
  2. If you do not own any BURST, you can use the faucet available on the pools Web UI to get a little BURST to be able to bind to the pool.
  3. Select the Setting drop down at the top right corner and click Reward Assignment:

    BURST Bind to selection

  4. In the modal appearing enter the pools address to bind to in the recipient field.

  5. Use the minimum fee (0.00735 BURST) or if you already have enough BURST you can use a higher fee for faster confirms as well.
  6. Enter your plotterId passphrase in the passphrase field.

    BURST Bind to

  7. Confirm the Binding via the Set Reward Recipient button.