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How to configure Foxy-Miner

Foxy-Miner looks for a file named foxy-miner.yaml in the current directory it is run from. If no such file is found a first run wizard is shown which will create a basic foxy-miner.yaml based on your inputs.

Configuration Options

The config file currently consists of these config options:

  • minerType: Supported types are: scavenger or conqueror (required)
  • minerBinPath: the binary path of scavenger / conqueror (required)
  • minerConfigPath: the path to a custom miner config, will be passed with -c /path/to/custom/config
  • minerColor: Set to a color to display for this miner in multi miner setups.
  • listenAddr: a string representation of the address and port the miner should listen on and scavenger connect to (required)
  • noColors: Disable colors.
  • humanizeDeadlines: Set to true to show humanized deadlines instead of seconds.
  • logLevel: Can be one of the following values: error, info, debug. Defaults to info.
  • useProfitability: Set to true to use dynamic prios based on profitabilities of the coins.
  • maxNumberOfChains: Set the max number of chains that should be scanning. Can be combined with useProfitability to only mine the n most profitable chains.
  • assumeScannedAfter: Set to the number of seconds the miner should take at most, forces a chain switch when exceeded. Useful for miners where sometimes drives drop out and no finished line is printed.
  • accountColors: Set your accountId to color associations here.
  • useEcoBlockRewards: Set to true to enable eco block rewards for useProfitability option.
  • hideScanProgress: Set to true to hide the miners scan progress. Useful for conqueror with pm2.
  • minerOutputToConsole: Set to true to redirect all output of the miner directly to the console without processing/parsing it.
  • dashboardLogLines: Defaults to 16, set the log lines used in the cli dashboard.
  • upstreams: Array of upstream config objects, see below (required)

    • name: The name of the upstream, must be unique within the proxy (required)
    • url: The upstream url, should be omitted for foxy-pools
    • updateMiningInfoInterval: Change the default 1000 msec update interval, value is in ms. Only applies to HTTP polling based upstreams
    • accountKey: Add the supplied account key to miningInfo and nonceSubmission requests
    • payoutAddress: Your payout address, required for FoxyPool type upstreams.
    • type: Used to distinguish different upstream types. Valid values are socketio and foxypool. If the upstream is FoxyPool, set it to foxypool. If the upstream is a enabled Foxy-Proxy set it to socketio.
    • minerName: Set a custom miner name
    • accountName: Set a custom account name in FoxyPool
    • targetDL: Set a custom target deadline for this upstream, submissions with deadlines below this DL are ignored.
    • sendTargetDL: Set a custom targetDL to send to the miners
    • weight: defines which upstream should have the higher priority when two blocks appear within the same max scan time. Defaults to 10.
    • minWeight: If configured discard all new blocks with a weight below this value for this upstream
    • color: Use the defined hex string as color for this upstream's name. eg '#e2ad58'
    • minerColor: Send the defined hex string to this upstream as a per miner color.
    • coin: Required for useProfitability and Foxy-Pools. Possible values are: BHD, BURST, DISC, LHD, HDD, XHD.
    • disabled: Set to true to disable this upstream.
    • submitProbability: 95 for 95% submit probability per round (based on capacity and netDiff)
    • doNotInterruptAbovePercent: 80 for completing scans with this progress percentage even on higher prio chains.
    • distributionRatio: Your preferred distribution ratio (DR) on Foxy-Pools. Eg. '50-50' or '100-0'
    • allowMiningToBeHalted: Set to true to allow pools and foxy-miner to stop mining a coin should it not make sense to mine it currently (discarding block or btb oversize)
    • walletUrl: Can be configured with a BTB wallet to detect if we are oversize and should halt mining
  • miner: An array of upstreams + miner configs, used only for multi miner setups

    • upstreams
    • minerBinPath
    • minerConfigPath
    • minerType
    • minerColor
    • disabled

Configuration Example

minerBinPath: 'C:\\some\\path\\to\\scavenger.exe'
minerType: 'scavenger'
logLevel: 'info'
listenAddr: ''
humanizeDeadlines: true
  - name: 'FoxyPool BHD'
    type: 'foxypool'
    coin: 'BHD'
    payoutAddress: 'your BHD payout address'
    accountName: 'your desired name'
    weight: 12
    color: '#e25898'
    doNotInterruptAbovePercent: 95
  - name: 'FoxyPool BURST'
    type: 'foxypool'
    coin: 'BURST'
    payoutAddress: 'your BURST payout address'
    accountName: 'your desired name'
    weight: 8
    color: '#3c55d1'
    doNotInterruptAbovePercent: 95